Attitude Technologies was founded in January 2017, we are based in Cork.

Attitude Technologies offers a wide range of smart collars for different kind of pets, e.g. cats, dogs, etc. We can also offer fully customized GPS tracking solutions for your company.

The mission of Attitude Technologies LTD is to offer high-quality, innovative and moderately priced smart collars which gives our customers a deep understanding of their pet’s daily life. We also aim to offer an online-veterinarian platform which builds up a super-easy way to connect our customers and local vet clinics.

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With our intelligent smart collar available in European countries and China, our customers are able to take extra care of their pets by tracking their live locations, monitoring their daily activities and getting professional recommendations from local vet clinics. By introducing our online vet platform to the Irish market, we are aiming to build up a better connection between our customers and local vet clinics. Visiting a vet clinic never became so easy.

We would not exist without our employees; our focus is to ensure that we are doing the right things to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community and our environment and we are aiming to be recognised world-wide for our pet related technology brands.

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